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Inspection Services



There is never a home which is exclusive of imperfections due to original workmanship, maintenance, wear and tear, or out-dated methods of construction. Each home will have it's own unique set of concerns or deficiencies to address. There are several possible circumstances under which a home inspection is prudent and part of due diligence. Click the button above to learn how I can help.


All inspections incorporate Thermal Imaging technology and moisture checks.


I have been trained in mold recognition and have specific training in various aspects of inspection including log homes.


What is of utmost importance is for you, as the client, to be aware of these issues and from there, make informed decisions.

Modern House

In this day, it is most wise and normally an accepted step in the purchase process to have a home inspection done, regardless of the opinion of others about a property. 


Are you confident in the knowledge of Uncle Dave?  Whether a seller produces a recent inspection, or the property is of newer construction, a new dated inspection should take place.  It is a small price to pay.


Recent inspections will only advise of the condition of the property at an earlier date.  Things may have changed.  In addition, a fresh look at the property may surface condition changes since a prior inspection.  Hire your own inspector.

New Home
Snowy Weather

As an owner who is considering selling, there are two reasons to engage a Home Inspector.


First, as a seller you hope there are not any surprises when a potential buyer enlists an Inspector. Given that a report is confidential, you may never be made aware of the contents of a buyers report.


Secondly, an inspection brings up concerns which you may never have known and which may be dealt with simply. A pre-listing report will enable you to correct issues in advance and at your option make this report, along with a record of the corrections made, available to potential buyers.



Newer construction may not mean that the property is not flawed in its construction. 


As we all know, new products can work, or have glitches from the time we open the box and plug that printer/toaster/automated cheeseball maker into the wall.  It is no different for a new home. 


The important thing is that the new home has been designed and constructed well, and built with the right materials to correct standards.

New homes have warranties of 2, 5 and 10 years on systems.  Prior to the expiry of these dates, a home inspection is a very wise investment, for the purpose of learning existing or potent issues. 


Give yourself plenty of time before the expiry date to engage the inspector.  It can be surprising how quickly time passes.


Townhouse Strata

A strata inspection is designed to report deficiencies to strata councils on areas which are typically the responsibility of the strata for repair, upgrades or maintenance.

Whether new construction or existing, there are always concerns which the strata should be made aware of before the might affect the property in short or long term.

Management or maintenance may not be aware of what to look for.

This type of inspection looks at structure, exterior, crawlspaces, attics and roof.

Rustic Style Kitchen
Townhouse and Condo Interior

This inspection is focused on the interior systems of a townhouse or condo which will typically be the responsibility of the owner and not the strata organization.

This will include interior elements, plumbing, electrical and HVAC within the unit, and also conditions which may be out of the norm.

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