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How it's done


​My intent as a home inspector is to represent you, as a trained professional.  Beyond my background in construction and project management, I have undertaken and completed the required education, training, testing and evaluation.  Ultimately all Home Inspectors in BC are licensed through the Consumer Protection of BC.  Since 2010, BC has been the only province in Canada to demand this high standard, which is a very good thing for all involved.

I am very familiar with the Shuswap, Thompson, Okanagan and Selkirk area, having grown up locally and having returned to the area from time to time and now living in the area again.


The inspection is visual. The reason behind this is that the property is under ownership and understandably, nothing may be adjusted or removed which is not meant to be.   A variety of tools may be used to aid my work. 


A licensed Home Inspector is there as a trained eye in a broad range of knowledge focusing on particular evidence, while at the same time, not representing ourselves as experts in each home system.  Home systems can be either simple or complex.  It takes many years or decades to be expert in any one system.  Home Inspectors are trained to inspect through scientific and visual means, identify clues of deficiencies, and draw an educated conclusion.


I would say that the primary difference that you will find in the level and quality of inspection is in an inspectors ability to see evidence and make accurate conclusions about the indicators, and more significantly, a desire to take that extra step. 




The purpose of a home inspection is to discover the existing condition of all systems of a home, as of a particular date via visual, non-invasive means.  This is to aid a buyer in a better understanding the conditions of a property that may soon become their own.


In my role as your Inspector, my interest is in doing as comprehensive and clear job as possible on your behalf.  A property purchase is an important decision and what I do for you is a key, significant step in that decision.  My duty is to you.

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