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Since original licensing in 2010, Brad Campbell has developed a reputation for a service which is a most complete, thorough, knowledgeable and considerate home inspection available.


I view each inspection as unique and with a responsibility to discover as much about the function and integrity of each home as is possible. I pay attention and never rush a job to get to the next one. Purchasing property for either your next home, investment or revenue is a major life decision and I take my responsibility in that to heart.

All inspections include features that others may charge more for, such as Thermal Imaging. I have used a thermal camera on every inspection for the past 8 years. It is included in any fee quote. The use of a thermal camera will aid locating issues which might not be visible, including thermal breaks, drafts, hot electrical, active moisture and drainage.


Brad Campbell


National Certificate Holder
Registered Home Inspector


CPBC #63856


Stop Googling home inspectors, this is the one! Brad is prompt, friendly & extremely knowledgeable. His fair priced report was very detailed and educational. His knowledge in the area we are looking to purchase is amazing. Hard to find great people in specialized industries nowadays that accommodate to your needs. You won't regret hiring Brad for a job done right.

Andy J

Great Inspector is an understatement! The level of due diligence, ability to explain what he finds and how it affects you as a potential owner is great. I've seen Brad do many inspections and am always very happy with the service, knowledge that he gives my clients. Consistently awesome! Highly recommend!

Joel L.

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LK2_2319.jpg Brad Campbell

Role of the Home Inspector.

An Inspector is there to report on safety concerns and on major deficiencies, as well as reporting minor defiencies to be aware of. 

As a professional, we may recommend specific means of correction. However, any cost to correct will vary on the area, and available contractors.  That is up to experts in the system affected.  



LK2_2487.jpg Brad Campbell

There are several possible circumstances under which a home inspection is prudent and part of due diligence. Click the button above to learn how I can help.


All inspections incorporate Thermal Imaging technology and moisture checks.


I have been trained in mold recognition and have specific training in various aspects of inspection including log homes.

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For a reference to Home Inspection standards and ethics in BC, please take time to read through information at the following online sites.


Consumer Protection of BC




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